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mikoto EGD training model

Support self-study with realistic clinical environment and objective evaluation system
for gastrointestinal endoscopy and lateral viewing of ERCP


It responses “Open your mouth” and simulates swallowing reflex and respiratory move. You can train the endoscope procedure with experiencing practical insertion feeling.

My blinking eyes and facial expression while the endoscope is entering, replicate actual patient very realistically.

Realistic reproduction from oral and nasal cavities to duodenum

Elastic stomach and duodenum with insufflation and exsufflation
Reactions of cervical esophagus and esophago – gastric junction by speech recognition
Realistic lesions in stomach and duodenum

Evaluation with converting endoscopic procedure proficiency to data



■Evaluation /reaction
Insufflation and exsufflation procedures and appropriate observation on esophago – gastric junction
Imitated suffering biological reaction of the patient (gag reflex, belch)

Adjustable difficulty level of endoscopic procedures


■Difficulty adjustment
10-level scale adjustment of reaction sensitivity
Reproduce when the Cervical esophagus closing is closed and opened

EGD training model Full version video

MICOTO Technology Inc.

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