mikoto[Medical Simulator Robot] Colonoscopy

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mikoto Colonoscopy training model

Easy technique learning for beginners
with endoscopic insertion simulator of human body model

Visualization of endoscopic procedures

Realistic reenactment of clinical site experience

Realistic reproduction of abdominal anatomy

The trainee says “Lie on your back.”, and then, it changes its posture as same as human does.

I groan and speak up “Ouch!”, when I suffer pain and discomfort.


Visualization of endoscopic procedures

  • You can find the points to be improved by reviewing the scored training results
    and study by yourself with trainer’s and your past records.
Measurement for reaching-time to SDJ (Sigmoid-Descending Junction) and caecum
Quantification of elongation of the sigmoid colon
Assist of intestinal loop detecting and lengthening


Realistic reproduction of abdominal anatomy

  • You can train the endoscopic procedures in simulated clinical environment
    with the realistic large intestine createfrom 3D data from CT scan images.
Reproduction with elastic materials
Realistic color tone of splenic and hepatic flexure
Shape features of intestinal tract parts
Properly placed polyps
Respiratory variation of the diaphragm (vertical movement)
Training for insufflation and exsufflation


Realistic reenactment of clinical site experience

  • You can experience not only the procedures and steps but pseudo-endoscopy in clinical environment
    with different training levels and assistant functions.
■Difficulty level
Difficulty adjustment with automatic shape deformations of the sigmoid colon
Abdominal compression by assistant
Tube insertion help with the diaphragm’s vertical movement
Automatic postural change function (Left-lateral and supine positions)

Colonoscopy training model Full version video

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