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The TRi is a wheelchair type of movement support robot that was developed by MICOTO Technology, whose parent company is Tmsuk (based in Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture). In February 2015, we received the assistance of the Tottori Industrial Promotion Organization. A project team was formed composed of Tottori University Hospital (Rehabilitation Department, Next-Generation Advanced Medicine Promotion Center); physicians, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists from Yowa Hospital; as well as businesses. We continued the development of a new robot based on the RODEM. We developed new upright functionality, and manufactured our first prototype, the  TRi in February 2016. It is currently undergoing clinical trials.


●Ease of Transfer: In contrast to traditional wheelchairs, the user does not need to twist their body from their bed or wheelchair in order to get on the TRi while facing forward. (Decreases burden for the helper, and increases independence.)
●Eye level while moving: Thanks to the seat’s lifting functionality, the eyes are are at a higher level than with traditional wheelchairs, and the user has a similar sense of distance as an able-bodied person.
●Standing work: When the seat is in an upright position, standing work is possible.


[In various workplaces]

We imagine users coming to their workplace with a traditional wheelchair, and transferring to the TRi to start working. They would be able to reach places which had previously been unreachable, and work while upright. For instance, they could display products on a high shelf, operate a cash register at the store, make copies in an office. We propose that they would be able to laugh with coworkers at the same eye level, and widen the breadth of their scope of work.


■Cartoon movie of an introduction scene of developed TRi(Japanese)


[The product specification]

The size (the full length, the span and the total height) L 900㎜ × W680㎜ × H1,200㎜(Transfer)〜1,400㎜(Standing)
seat movable scope ①Seat up and down 400㎜ 〜600㎜
②Seat tilt angle 60°(Standing)
turning radius 450㎜



TRi Front side(JPG/zip2.1Mb)
TRi Back side(JPG/zip2.4Mb)
rodem-tri-cover TRi:Brochure(japanese)[2016/10/07]pdf:1.8Mb
press-image TRi:Press release(japanese)[2016/10/07]pdf:1.3mb>

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