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We support people who works at nursing and caring sites

■Universal Robot (Moving Support Robot)

MOCOTO Technology inc. has designed a new moving support vehicle. This prototype was developed based on the evaluation by Tottori University Hospital’s 3D operating analysis. The goal is to improve convenience of the users and the supporting team at caring facilities.
The first generation robot, ‘Universal Vehicle/RODEM’ was originally developed by tmsuk.
The company has the project team with the mission to release this robot to the market in 2016. The team is consisted with professionals from medical institutions, nursing homes and health-care industries. The team is currently working on the improvement of functions , mechanism and design that can deliver to the users the ease of use and safety.


■Walk-Support Robot

A Walk-Support robot is designed to assist those people having challenges walking by themselves and it is attached to the leg/s of users.
The research and study in functionality and development activities are currently underway by the team of Tmsuk R&D inc. and Tottori University Hospital together with the local medical institutions and the consortium of schools for special needs.

The technology development of next generation robot to be used in an advanced medical sites

New Development Mission

MICOTO Technology inc. is driving the development of new medical robots in order to tackle the Tottori University’s challenges in medical and caring facilities.
The University and the companies in Yonago city area are collaborating with MICOTO Technology to achieve this mission. MICOTO Technology inc. is wholeheartedly committed to provide safer medical cares to the people throughout the world by utilizing robot technology.

We have been engaged in R&D activities of robots in various fields
with strong emphasis on the robots for medical caring and nursing.


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