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[Development History]

“mikoto” is a simulator robot for medical education on which user can train three different procedures: tracheal intubation, endoscopy, and sputum suction.

February 2015, having received subsidy from the Organization for Medical Device Development, we developed the robot cooperating with the Tottori University Hospital (including the Simulation Center and the Department of Anesthesiology).
In recent years, with the advancement of medical treatment, the procedures and operations performed by medical professionals have become complicated and diversified.
In order to secure the quality and safety of medical technique at medical, nursing, and nursing care practice, acquisition of higher clinical skills and objective assessment have become necessary, so students, doctors, nurses, etc. medical providers require not only classroom learning but practical simulation training using simulator such as acquiring medical procedures and reviewing has also started drawing attention.

In order to meet those needs, we developed this simulator with a realistic appearance, internal structure and biological reaction as if it has a feeling close to human beings that has never been before, being treated as actual human beings so that it can achieve emphasizing practice and medical safety and is able to evaluate newly developed equipment.
By repeated training with the simulator, it will be possible to improve medical technology and provide more secure and safe medical care.


Point 1: Realistic human appearance and internal structure.
Point 2: Reproduction of intubation difficult cases.
Point 3: Training three kinds of procedures with one robot: tracheal intubation, endoscopy, and sputum suction (multi-task model).
Point 4: Biological reaction by adding sensor to the pharyngeal posterior wall (multi-task model).
Point 5: Display of objective evaluation by reactive strength of various sensors and time of procedure (multi-task model).

mikoto Lineup

mikoto Multi-Task Model
– Nasal/Oral Tracheal Intubation
– Nasal/Oral Endoscopy
– Sputum Suction
Training three kinds of procedures with one robot.

Position change between supine position and lateral position

[Size mm] Robot / W420×L1000×H260
cart / W620×L1000×H1550
[Material] Skin: Silicone

mikoto Single Task Model
– Nasal/Oral Tracheal Intubation
Appearance pursuing reality, internal shaping.

[Size mm] Robot / W280×L500×H260
[Material] Skin: Silicone


mikoto head image(JPG/zip 3.4Mb)

mikoto upper body(JPG/zip 1.6Mb)

mikoto Whole Body(JPG/zip 2.5Mb)
mikoto:press releases(Japanese)[2017/03/24]pdf形式:約1.3mb>

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