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tmsuk inc. and Tottori University Hospital collaborated to kick start
Something very exciting.

■tmsuk inc.

Established in 2000, the company has been a leader of robot development in Japan.
The representative is Yoichi Takamoto.
‘Tmsuk 04’ presented in 2000 was highly regarded in Japan and overseas. This creation was the eye opener for the robotics industry in Japan.
The company has been actively engaged in joint researches with major Japanese universities.
The company has produced many different type of robots in the field of communication, security, disaster relief and much more. The company is developing more robots such as bipedal walking robot and the company is focusing more on medical education and health care in recent years.
The company continues to seek for business partners throughout the world including the companies in Taiwan, Denmark, Hong Kong, Middle East countries.

■Tottori University Hospital

Tottori University Hospital is located in Yonago city in Tottori prefecture.
This university hospital is a successor of the former Yonago Medical College which was established in 1893 (Meiji Y26). So people still refer to the school as the ‘Medical College’.
The hospital introduced ‘Da Vinci System’ in 2010 as the first adopter in the area.
With that magnificent start, the hospital has been the evangelist for utilizing medical robots like ‘Da Vinci ‘ which can track surgery performances and operating intelligence.
Tottori municipality and Yonago’s local government have been keen on establishing robot development base in the area and thus tmsuk R&D inc. was established.

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